The New Guide to Activewear for Women

Clothing designer Stella McCartney's activewear range for Adidas. Source: Adidas

Clothing designer Stella McCartney’s activewear range for Adidas. Source: Adidas

By Olivia Shiels

Monday May 26, 2014

 In the last couple of years, I have seen more and more people swapping jeans for leggings and sneakers and wearing  them (unapologetically) everywhere and anywhere. Lycra, once considered to be a fabric restricted to the confines of  spin class or over 40 male cyclists, is now the go-to wardrobe staple for women.

The fitness fashion trend

Recently, a girlfriend confided in me over coffee about her ‘new addiction’. Expecting a confession about finding comfort in alcohol, gambling or carbs- I was surprised to hear her family was on the brink of staging an intervention for her obsession with active wear.

Sure enough, there she was looking guilty sitting across from me in form fitting leggings, the latest style of runners and a designer sports jacket. There’s no doubt there is an appeal in slipping into leggings rather than skinny jeans threatening to cut off blood circulation, but is wearing clothes intended for exercise a bit, well…lazy? Absolutely not!

Activewear to inspire you to  Source: Popsugar

Activewear to inspire you to get…active.
Source: Popsugar

Where is it acceptable to wear gym clothes?

In a world where we are trying to fit more into our days, women are seeking practical, comfortable clothing and as a result the traditional rules of clothing are blurring.

Australian activewear brands such as Lorna Jane and Running Bare are jumping on the lucrative sportswear market and sales are going through the roof as they cater for both stylish and sporty women’s clothing.

You can move seamlessly between the gym and coffee with the girls by choosing a nice pair of leggings, jacket and comfortable shoes, without being mistaken for an 80’s aerobic instructor.

They’ve got you covered.

Don’t be put off by the “active” part of active wear. This trend truly caters to all shapes and sizes. There is even a garment named the Bootywrap designed for the sole purpose of covering your behind if you’re not comfortable squeezing your toosh into tight leggings.

I encourage all women to start replacing their tired trackies with a some fresh spandex and embrace this wonderful fashion phenomenon while it lasts.


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